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Facts Of The World Wide Web First web was created in 1945 by Vanuer Bush Gerard Salton created the idea of search engine and developed a retrieval system called SMART, Theory of Indexing = statistical weighing = relevancy of algorithms in the 1960's.  SMART stood for Salton's Magic Automatic Receiver of Text In the 1960's ted Nelson created a project called Xandu which had the goal of being a computer network with a simple user interface that could solve social problems such as attributions In 1969 a service called ARPANET was born and is part of the US Department of Defense.  ARPANET stands for Advanced Research Projects Agency Network.  It used telephone lines to convey intelligence information.  The internet today would not exist if it wasn't for ARPANET In 1991 we had the first search engine created by Alan Emtage and was known as ARCHIE which was short for archives.  ARCHIE matched queries using regular expressions, It indexed titles only, no cont

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Off-Site SEO | Content Marketing Off-Page SEO, SEM, SMO and SMM are a necessity for finding your business on the internet.  Check out this link explaining how SEO has changed over the past few years... Website and Social Media Optimization with Marketing help in keyword ranking and gaining popularity which are both needed in order to gain authority to rank well and sell.  Keywords used in posts, photos, created images and videos will help you rank on page one of Google and sell your product or services with repeat posting to your site and social media sites.   Search Engine Optimization with Content Marketing explained here...

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How to Get my Business on Google Maps Local SEO Search engine optimization for local search is made easy through Google My Business.  Shown below is the step by step process for ranking on Google in local search.  An optimized website will rank well for local searches. 1.       H ave your business appear in the Google Maps 3 pack ·        to rank highly in organic search ü   set up Google My Business Page ü   make sure you verify your business ü   Business Brand page needs to be complete, active and visited to have a chance of appearing in the 3 pack 2.        B roaden your focus ·        compete outside of Google on sites such as Facebook, Yelp, etc... 3.       T rust and consistency 4.         U se local keywords and information on pages 5.        I nclude location data on each page in headers, footers, tags and content 6.         N ame, address and phone number are most important and can easily be repeated somewhere on  each page like header or footer